I Must Travel

  If you want to open your mind and your spirit to God’s voice, you must travel. I know that there are some people who don’t like to travel – in fact, I’m one of them! There are other people who love to travel – like my wife – she drags me, kicking and screaming, all over the world! But regardless of whether or not you have a natural affinity for travel, you will not be able to hear God’s voice clearly if you don’t travel. What is it about travel that makes it necessary for spiritual insight? If you spend your life in the same place, doing the same thing, going through the same routine, then your mind and spirit will stagnate. If you want to create space in your mind and spirit to hear God’s voice, you must leave that which is familiar and immerse yourself in that which is new and strange and foreign. If you want to hear new tones in the symphony of God’s concert, you must go where new songs are sung. If you want to see new colors in the kaleidoscope of God’s handiwork, you must

The Problem with the Rapture

  The problem with the Rapture is that it’s not Biblical – at least not as taught in evangelical churches. The Bible is clear that Jesus is coming back some day, but not in the way that we learn in church. The typical church teaching is that Jesus is coming back to Earth, Christians will rise to meet him in the air, and then Jesus will take all the Christians to heaven to live with him forever. This Rapture will be connected with a seven-year tribulation that will engulf the Earth – the Rapture will occur either before the tribulation, or in the middle of the tribulation, or maybe at the end of the tribulation. This set of doctrines is almost entirely unscriptural. The only part that’s scriptural is that Jesus really is coming back to Earth. First, two interesting points.        1.        The word “Rapture” does not appear anywhere in the Bible. This doesn’t prove that the doctrine is wrong (after all, the word “Trinity” doesn’t appear anywhere either) but it should make u

Why are Christians so disagreeable?

Why are Christians so disagreeable when they have disagreements? When I have a disagreement at work, we are usually civil and respectful and polite with each another. When I have a disagreement at church, it often turns into an all-out holy war, complete with pillaging, ransacking, and slaughter. Here’s an example. Me : Something needs to change with our worship service. Most people don’t really worship during the service, and most of our songs are not really worship songs. Him : I think our worship is fine! And if you don’t think it’s fine, then there’s something wrong with YOU! Who are you to judge if other people are truly worshiping? Me : No, I don’t mean to judge anyone. I’m just saying that I notice people texting, talking, and looking around during worship. It seems that their focus is not really on the Lord. And our songs are not worship songs. We sing songs about Christian living, heaven, evangelism, and so on, but we don’t sing songs that praise God. Him : Yo